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Osprey Men-at-Arms 150 The Age Of Charlemagne !EXCLUSIVE!

The turban, made in soft sikl, proves singularly becoming to fair and dark beauties, and, of course, plays its part. Its patrons fall back on some of the curious modifications of the same style which found acceptance at the end of the eighteenth century. The Turban à l'Algerienne, for example, in which rolls of gauze were sewn round a crown as large as a five shilling piece, an ostrich feather set erect in front, a gauze veil floating from the side, and curls falling below it all round. Another form was made of an Algerian material folded like an Oriental turban, with an osprey jewelled aigrette at the side. Straw, meanwhile, was moulded into stiff high crowns, such as men now have to their silk hats; cockades made of pinked out ribbon were set at the back and front, and these were more suggestive of a helmet than a hat.

Osprey Men-at-Arms 150 The Age of Charlemagne



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