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FRCS: Companion Cases For The Intercollegiate Exam In General Surgery

This is the second edition of the successful revision guide from Alex Phillips and Bhaskar Kumar. It has been fully updated, with new contributors, to accommodate changes in the format of the exam, and also to provide new cases that may be encountered, including scenarios relevant to the treatment and experiences of COVID 19. It draws on the very latest research and gives recommendations for further reading across a broad range of resources.It is a comprehensive guide for the FRCS General Surgery Intercollegiate exam, serving as a companion for the trainee throughout the course of the six-year training rotation. It reflects the exact framework of the exam syllabus issued by the Joint Committee on Higher Surgical Training (JCHST), and contains the most recently amended guidelines. The FRCS exam is very clinically orientated, with vivas based on a clinical scenario, using patients and images as a method of initiating discussion. This book contains hundreds of examples of such hypothetical scenarios, giving the readers the opportunity to find out and explain what they already know, to express that knowledge to the best effect, and also to focus on areas where they may need more study. There are also scenarios containing colour images for explanation and interpretation, just as will be required in the actual exam. The question and answer style used is a popular and effective method, which lends itself perfectly to studying either alone or as a group, wherein one acts as examiner and the other as candidate. Both the editors and main contributors have passed the FRCS exam in general surgery, have many years experience in postgraduate medical education and are also active in teaching and preparing candidates for the exam.

FRCS: Companion Cases For The Intercollegiate Exam In General Surgery

Cracking the Intercollegiate General Surgery FRCS Viva: A Revision Guide 2e provides the framework and knowledge to pass the non-subspecialty sections of the FRCS (General Surgery) viva and clinical examination. This comprehensive and up to date revision text covers all essential topics in critical care, emergency and general surgery as well as research papers, basic statistics and data manipulation for the academic section.This essential revision guide provides you with the vital points for each topic, presented in a concise, structured manner and referenced where appropriate. It is essential reading for anyone preparing for the FRCS General Surgery exam.


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